You are Not Charles Barkley

You ARE a role model.  Well, kinda, in a way.  What I mean is, what you do, in particular what you say, matters.  You have a responsibility to provide high quality, reliable information to all with whom you communicate.  You must act with integrity and the depth of a researcher or a professional journalist and the unrelentless search for truth as SNOPES :)  In your written health and wellness communication you must aim for the facts and then question the facts you provide.  You must challenge your position.  It is your duty to not only support the mission of your company but to also be clear that the service, the product, the information you are providing is current, researched, and accessible all of those who need it.  Bring in the experts!  Find the latest research.  Be clear about the position, the  motivation, and alliances of the authors you read and employ…and include yourself in that bunch.  There is so much information out there, and that is a beautiful thing.  Individuals can truly be consumers of their healthcare and health information.  And they will come to trust you and your expertise if you accept the responsibility that these people look to you.  You ARE a role model.  Read for further resources on responsible research and writing.

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