What Do They Say About You? Your Personal Brand and Your Health and Wellness Company


Pardon my previous rant.  My last post seems to have rambled on a bit but, please view it as a reflection of how much importance I place on incorporating your personal brand into your health and wellness company’s brand and its written communication.  In short, it brings you to the table.  You influence your company. Your company’s written communication influences your customers.  It’s all about authenticity and ringing true.  You don’t want to be just another healthcare company out blowing in the wind; do you?

So, let’s try another exercise designed to get at your personal brand and, ultimately, integrate it into your health and wellness brand.  This one is a little simpler and straight forward.

Imagine people are talking about you.

I know, I  know, this can send shudders through even the most saintly of us (or “saintly of you” may be more appropriate).  But try it and frame the conversation in such a way that it takes on different scenarios.  Try:

Your boss is recommending you for a promotion  to his boss.

Your mother is bragging about you to her book club.

Your college professor is taking note of your genius.

Your five-year-old is looking up at you with big, loving eyes.

A close friend is presenting you with a civic award.

You are firing yourself up by talking to yourself in your bathroom mirror before a big interview.

What is being said?  What are your personal attributes?  What are your strengths?  What words are used to describe you?  What unique talents, skills, perspectives,  or abilities do you bring to the table?  Write it down.  Fill an entire page.  Circle the 5 most recurring descriptions.  Are they the your most distinguishing characteristics?  Do they present a well-rounded description of you?

If yes, how are these attributes being reflected throughout you health and wellness company and through its written communication?  Marketing materials?  Website?  Corporate image pieces?  Newsletters?  And if these descriptions are not what you have in mind for your own personal brand, get crackin’!  You’ve got some work to do to start shaping how you want others to view you, and written communication is a good way to start.

If  “forward thinking, goal oriented, focused” pop up, how are these qualities present in your company?  And are you taking the opportunity to show these qualities to your customers through written collateral?   If you have a great sense of humor, can you use a blog attached to your website to present the lighter side of your company.  Seriously :)  One of my favorite book finds is, I Had Brain Surgery, What’s Your Excuse?  If that’s too edgy for you, try asking your community of caregivers to contribute funny childhood moments they remember about their loved one.  If you are goal oriented, create a newsletter that communicates your short and longterm vision for your company.  If you’re resourceful, writing a community resource page for your website can be invaluable.  Freshen up the language used in the copy of your health and wellness home page.  Replace tired words like “dependable” with “insightful” or “quixotic”, words that don’t even mean “dependable” but communicate a whole new layer of your brand.  Make the words you chose to represent your brand sing the praises of your company, sing your personal praises, and perhaps sing the same praises your mother sings at her book club!

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