That’s Gonna Leave a Mark- Brands That Sizzle

No, I’m not talking about your company name.  I’m not talking about your product or the service your health and wellness company offers.  I’m talking BRAND, Baby, BRAND!  I’m talking that skin searing, that’s-gonna-leave-a-mark brand identity that is undeniably, characteristically YOU. 

Me?  Yes, you.  Because, if you own your own health and wellness company or are in charge of your company’s brand identity, you cannot separate the people who form your business out  from the business itself.  Huh?  Yes, the personal characteristics that make you uniquely you, also make your brand uniquely yours.  Whether you realize it or not, you bring yourself to your work every single day.  Whether you have defined a mission statement for your business, your mission is acted out in every action you take, every sale you make…am I sounding like Sting, yet?  You are watching you.

But, are you aware of it?  Are you aware of how your distinguishing personal qualities meld with your health and wellness company’s stellar services, quality products, cutting-edge technology?  Does the language you select through your print and web written communication embrace that singular character?

If you are like many health and wellnesss companies, your written communication is probably tailored to fit the audience to whom you speak, your customers.  There is nothing wrong with this except this: your written communication probably sounds much like your competitors written communication, and much like written communication through out the entire industry.  Seriously, if I hear “independent”, “care”, “peace of mind”, again…I might just yack!

I think defining your brand is the single most essential step that every health and wellness company needs to take in order for their print and web copy to ring true with their customers.  It’s all about connecting.  And if you’re not connecting personally to your brand, how can you expect your customers to?

So, for the next few days, let’s spend some time determining some ways to accomplish integrating your  personal brand into your professional brand.  I’ll post a new exercises throughout the next couple of weeks designed to help you authenticate your identity, broaden your scope, and get to the heart of your health and wellness brand…that would be you.  In the mean time, think about brands you love, how they connect, and why…

If you have strategies, exercises, or thoughts that have worked for you, please feel free to comment.  In the meantime…think about how you, yourself, is reflected or not reflected in the work you do.


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