Series: Free Back Stage Pass. Sharing Health Conference Information. Technique #1 Your Own Personal Stamp

Continuing on with our series on sharing health conference information with your audience, today we’ll discuss specifics about providing your customers with your health company’s professional summary,  Technique #1.

You’ll recall from “Bird’s Eye View“, that there are three techniques we’ll cover:

1. Summarize health conference session information, on behalf of your organization.

2.  Interview a “thought leader” in the health industry who has attended a specific conference session.

3.  Interview the conference presenter.

Jump back to Free Back Stage Pass to set the scene for the following information.

Technique #1:  Summarize the Conference Session  on behalf of your organization.

Most of us can write a pretty tight summary.  The idea is to share the information, in your company’s voice, with consumers, customers, followers, and your own employees.  Remember, you are doing this not only to share but to position your organization as the “go-to-guy” for all that is new and trending in your industry.  Here are a few tips:

1. Select conferences and courses wisely.  You want to be seen at and heard from the places that people desire, the places where the big guys convene.  Conferences are a business.  There are many that may seem to suit your industry, but on closer inspection do not impart anything new.  Go where they are sharing research.  Select conferences with a heavy attendance, this proves that people are interested.  These may cost more, but I’m showing you how to get even more bang for your buck.  You don’t want to report on the same ole’ dietary diabetic course, you want to hear and report on something new, fresh!

2.  Go elsewhere.  I just attended a meeting where a medical illustrator spoke and shared that he attends video gaming conferences.  Huh.  He has incorporated software into his company that allows his clients to virtually travel the entire human body from every possible angle.  Think he would have gotten this knowledge by simply hanging out with his same ole’ medical illustrator friends?  Maybe.  But, the point is, he didn’t wait.  He went straight to the source.  What industries can you tap that enhance or provide alternative perspective into your business?

3. Have the right equipment.  Bring a digital recorder.  Don’t leave without a handout of the Power Point presentation. Have your computer on the ready.  Bring a high definition camera and/or video recorder.  I, personally, have never taken photos or video, but you may want to  visit the online company,  Clinical Care Options.  CCO positions themselves as “independent conference coverage.”  This company open-sources, i.e., shares online for free, information presented at pharmaceutical and related conferences.  They provide “CCO certified” continuing medical education summaries and photo slide sets of the presentation for subscribers.  I think the key here is “open source”, which means they are sharing the information, not selling it.  And they have positioned themselves within the industry as the source for cutting edge information.

4.  Hop to it.  Companies like CCO don’t drag their heals.  They turn the information around within 24-48 hr.  That means the summary, slides, and photos are on their website for all to see in a jiffy.  That also means that, often, the writer is up to an ungodly hour preparing accurate information.  And I said ACCURATE.  Get the title right.  Get the speaker’s credentials correct.  Clarify.  Source. But get it done quickly.  It’s worth it to be first.

5.  Consider additional commentary.  Build yourself as a thought leader.  Provide additional content that provides your organization’s perspective, opinion, projections.

6.  Can’t attend a conference?  Consider hiring a medical/health writer in the conference locale to cover the conference for you.  You’ll feel like you were there…and so will your customers.

INK WELLness Health and Medical Writing Services, we’re in the Atlanta area…

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