Series: Free Back Stage Pass: Bring Health Conference Info to your Customers. Technique #2 Health Industry Thought Leaders

Continuing with our series on sharing health conference information with your audience, today we’ll discuss specifics about interviewing health industry thought leaders, Technique #2.

You’ll recall from “Bird’s Eye View“, that there are three techniques we’ll cover:

1. Summarize health conference session information, on behalf of your organization.

2. Interview a “thought leader” in the health industry who has attended a specific conference session.

3. Interview the conference presenter.

Jump back to Free Back Stage Pass to set the scene for the following information.

Technique #2: Whaddaya Think? Get a health care thought leader’s response to conference sessions.

First, answer these three questions:

1.Who is your Steve Jobs? Who are the thought leaders in your industry? Do you know? If not, spend some time researching and familiarizing yourself with these people. Have they published papers? Have they driven research? Are they presenters or do they have prestigious titles? Are they heads of a company that you emulate? Understand your health thought leaders.

2.And even better, who is their audience? Who listens to them and where? Are they a part of organizations or communities? Do they regularly blog? Do a radio show? Understand your health thought leaders’ audiences.  Are they the same as yours?  Would you like them to follow you?

3.What are these health thought leaders saying? Have they taken a controversal stance on a specific topic? Do they have a clear-cut philosophy of treatment? Are they shaking up the industry? What are they saying that has people crowding around them. Understand your health thought leaders’ message.

Once you understand the answers to these three questions you can get to Health Conference Reporting Technique #2:

Interview a heath care thought leader about his/her point of view on specific health conference sessions.

Simple as that. Find out which thought leaders are attending a specific conference that applies to your industry and ask to interview them on specific informational sessions in which you both may have an interest. How do you do that? Do a little digging. First off, check out the conference presenters. If your thought leader is presenting, chances are, he/she will be attending other sessions. Check their website/blog for events they will be attending. Call their office. You’d be surprised how far you can get by saying, “I’m Stacy Baca. I’m writing an article for Ink Wellness about the effects of alcohol on breast cancer recurrence and I would like to feature Mr. Thought Leader’s views on the topic. Is he planning on attending the conference session at….”

People love to be featured. Thought leaders want to continue to positions themselves as such. And featuring one of these people on your blog/website/newsletter can be mutually beneficial to you and the expert, as well. Think link backs. Think Search Engine Optimization ( if people are searching this person’s name, it could lead back to your site!) Think making yet another professional contact for yourself.

Throw it out there but be prepared. Know this about yourself before even contacting your thought leader. Show professionalism and respect their time. Know how to position yourself and your company to at the get go. Make yourself attractive so that Mr. Though Leader will want to offer you his time. Know your point of view on the subject at the conference. Know how you will use the interview and conference information and how you will relay it to your audience. Know your audience. In short, market yourself to Mr. Thought Leader like he is a buyer. He needs to want to buy in, and the benefits of that are endless…

Next post…Interview preparedness for featuring health industry perspective on current health conference information.

Coming up from INK WELLness… Thought Leader Series. How to maximize interviews with health industry thought leaders to better your business and build connections.

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