Series: Free Back Stage Pass: Bring Health Conference Info to your Customers. Bird’s Eye View.

So, now I’ve got you thinking, right?  If you’re not, go on back to my first post of this series and think again.  Health conferences are a hot bed of cutting edge information.  They feature the best and the brightest.  They have that Vegas-like aura that at once sucks all natural air and light out of the conference center and breathes inspiration and renewal into its attendees.  Share this with your clients.  They want to know.  Let’s face it: time, money, travel are all barriers to people attending conferences but why should those things be barriers to receiving the information?   The Back Stage Pass Series is going to outline for you how to utilize written communication to position yourself as an expert who is in the know.

Three Techniques for Health Conference Coverage.

1. Summarize conference session information, on behalf of your organization.  This means you or one of your employees attend a relevant, current, cutting edge, or even controversial session and summarizes the information for your audience.

2.  Interview a “thought leader” in the health industry who has attended a specific conference session.  Get his/her point of view regarding the information’s relevance, potential impact on the industry, and expectations of how the information comes into practice.

3.  Interview the conference presenter.  Most likely a thought leader, eh?  Understand additional insights the presenter has.  Gather his/her thoughts on feedback received after the presentation.

Ready to dig in?  Then hang on.  INK WELLness will cover each of these techniques in-depth.  Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

In the mean time, here are some overall thoughts about writing health conference coverage:

1.  Be discriminating.  Choose your conferences and conference courses wisely.  The information has to be fresh.  It has to be sought after by your readers.  It should be exciting, inspirational, even controversial and it absolutely has to relate to your brand or product.

2. Be fair.  Give credit where credit is due.  You have to attribute the information to the source.  Who is the presenter and his/her credentials?  What is the exact title of the course?  The exact conference/date?  The resources the presenter cited?  This is especially important if you chose to employ the technique of sharing the actual presentation slides.

3.  Be free.  To avoid ANY copyright problems, the publication should be open-sourced, which means you are publishing the data online or in a print publication that anyone can access without being charged.  And, as a professional courtesy, I personally would notify the presenter that the information is being shared.  They’ll probably like the press.

4.  Do it yourself, or not.  If you’re going to be at the conference anyway and you consider yourself an excellent written communicator…write on!  If not, it’s not a bad way to spend your money to hire a professional writer with experience in conference coverage or your industry to sit in and write the synopsis for you.  If the conference is across the country, hire one is operates out of that region.  It saves you time, resources, and money and gets the word out faster and professionally.


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