Rescue Your Health and Wellness Customers from the Internet Sea. Creating Site Stickiness through Original Content.

A client’s website has great graphics, a catchy tagline, interactive tools, and loads of informative content.  So, why did it take me just seconds to find myself virtually ship wrecked several websites and leagues away from his home page?  Because his website lacked what is called “stickiness”.  Though he includes an almost dizzying amount of information, none of it was original content written by him or his company.  He provided link after link to website after website and article after article.  This is all great information for the consumer but, unfortunately, it does nothing to position my client as the “go-to-guy” and doesn’t keep his potential customers surfing his site.  His customers were lost on the internet sea. 

Don’t get me wrong, linking to resources and fellow affiliates is a great and quick way to provide the education for which health and wellness customers are looking.  But ORIGINAL CONTENT IS KING!  You want your potential customers to view you as the expert.  You want your customers to come back to your site again and again.  You want to build trust. You want to build interest. You want to build your brand and sell your products and services.

One of my favorite websites for my own health and wellness writing profession is  Check the site out, even if you are not a writer yourself.  Focus on how the site is set up.  Kathy Summers offers a service and positions herself as an experience professional who is open to sharing information.  She hosts a blog geared toward writers interested in specializing in health.  Pay special attention to this.  Almost her entire site is original content written by her.  She does provide links to useful information to further your study or provide a more in-depth perspective but she does so carefully, usually embedding the information within her own original article or post.

Take a look at your own site.  Can you create opportunities to provide more orignal content?  Can you deepen the original content you already provide?  If you have time, try a blog or writing some short articles for your site.  If you don’t, consider hiring a writer or enlisting someone in your company to create content.  Your customers want to dock in your harbor.  Set up the margarita bar, the beach chairs, the steel drums, and they will disembark.   And they will do so happily and, if your lucky, they will return again and again.


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