Put it Out There

Nobody, but your audience, will determine whether or not it sticks.  That idea in your head…put it out there.  That status quo that you find yourself begrudgingly tolerating…put it out there.  That topic of interest that keeps drawing you to it…put it out there.  Find a home for these ideas, changes, interests within your company.  How can they come together?  Brainstorm.  Can your natural food store’s website create a blog on children’s nutrition?  And, if you are the owner of said natural food store, but you still love Double Stuff Oreo Cookies can you start a newsletter geared to the junk food junkies that are also looking to get healthier?  If you, the owner of the natural food store also loves music, can you entice customers into your shop by partnering with local bands to allow free downloads of music on your site and free mini-concerts at your store.   I don’t know. Create posters of your favorite quotes.  Send out periodic emails of portions of  your company’s mission statement to your employees and ask them to respond with how they marched the march this week.n  Maybe I’m being obvious, but it is amazing how many great and not so great ideas never see the light.  Writing is a simple and powerful way to put it out there…and to let your audience decide what does and doesn’t stick.  Or else, you may find yourself and your company in a far stickier situation, stagnation.

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  1. Sandra Whiteis July 11, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    Yes! Just think how many good ideas go by the wayside because the creative idea was never given voice! Have the courage to take a step to give voice to your ideas.

    “Make visible what, without you,might perhaps never have been seen.” Robert Bresson, French director.

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