Writing for Your Health and Wellness Tribe

I’ve referred to “tribes” a few times in my posts.  Thought it would be good to clarify this term and give credit to the man responsible for the concept.  Hope you find it interesting and we can discuss what it means for your written communications.  Here’s ted.com’s video on Seth Godin and tribal marketing:


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Knowth Thine Purpose…Writing with Intent

Health and wellness writing needs to touch people, move people, connect.  That should be your intent.  Not selling more SKUs.  Not bumping up you net, net this quarter.  Because, although we all could use more pocket change, if you go at your health and wellness writing projects with that sole intent in mind, I can’t say you won’t be successful because I’m sure many a healthcare business is, but you will be missing out on an opportunity to build a lasting tribe.  Missing an opportunity to promote the health and wellness of yourself, your company, your clients, and the greater community.  And, I believe that if your company focuses on communicating an a true sense of health and wellbeing, the clients will come.

So, what is your intent? Continue Reading →

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Take ’em for a whirl…The Thesaurus is Your Friend

If you’ve been following the last few posts and have done the written work, you are hopefully coming up with some unique ways to spin your company’s brand through it’s written communications.  You may have taken a company who sells low-vision software that is focused on being a cutting edge leader in assistive technology and thought about using words like: visionary, outlook, envision, vista, foresee.  You may have decided that you wanted to communicate the strength of your organization’s mission to you customers and included words such as: life’s work, purpose, aim, or ambition. Continue Reading →

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No Small Change…What do you want to change about your health and wellness industry?

What do you want to change about the health and wellness industry?  With your product and/or services, do you want to change the way caregivers deliver care?  Do you make assistive technology simple?  Do you modify Bikram Yoga to accommodate people with disabilities? Do you make junk food healthy?   Do you make grab bars look attractive?  How does your company do it differently?  How does your company take a different approach?  How does your company address the question, or even change the question all together?

Your marketing material, web content, blog, newsletters should all reflect the changes your company introduces to the health and wellness industry.  Write an article about how your company has taken on the industry norm.  Write a newsletter aimed at a different group of individuals.  Write a blog that takes a different slant.  Think about it.  Communicate it.  Be a trend setter.  Take the assumptions and turn them on their ear.  Look at your product and think of it differently.  Brainstorm it.  Make a change and make your written communication announce it to the world.

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Every Day Acts of Writing Your Way to A Unique Healthcare Brand

What words below are the most meaningful to you?  Which do you value most?  Write then down.  Throw in a few of your own.

Authenticity                   Humor             Family                      Success          Generosity          Love                Open-mindedness          Courage

Ethics                                 Gratitude        Inspiration            Knowledge     Happiness          Friendship    Adventure                         Wealth

Empathy                            Freedom        Connectedness      Creativity       Growth                Wisdom          Spirituality                       Integrity

Trust                                    Fun                   Honesty                   Fairness           Compassion       Strength        Security                             Consistency

Simplicity                         Tenacity          Responsibility        Balance            Analytical          Intensity       Moderation                     Bounty

Now, select the five that are most meaningful in your life.  Let’s call these your core values.  You probably make decisions every day that are guided by your core values.  Sometimes we abide by them.  Sometimes we deny them.  Either way, they are at our center. Continue Reading →

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What Do They Say About You? Your Personal Brand and Your Health and Wellness Company


Pardon my previous rant.  My last post seems to have rambled on a bit but, please view it as a reflection of how much importance I place on incorporating your personal brand into your health and wellness company’s brand and its written communication.  In short, it brings you to the table.  You influence your company. Your company’s written communication influences your customers.  It’s all about authenticity and ringing true.  You don’t want to be just another healthcare company out blowing in the wind; do you?

So, let’s try another exercise designed to get at your personal brand and, ultimately, integrate it into your health and wellness brand.  This one is a little simpler and straight forward.

Imagine people are talking about you. Continue Reading →

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Anthropological Excavation. Digging Your Personal and Health and Wellness Brand.

I love Anthropologie…the store, not neccessarily the science.  If you haven’t shopped there, you might want to briefly visit their site or pick up their catalogue to see what it is I drool over.  Okay, drool may be too weak a word, I mean when I get that catalogue in the mail, I pop my fat fanny on the nearest stoop and page through it over and over again.  You must be really lonely, you must be thinking of me.  You need a hobby, you no doubt judge.  But this brand affects me.  Why?  Because, though I adore (j’adore!) the clothing, I love the linens, I can hear the tea cups clinking on their delicate little saucers, Anthropologie is NOT about their products.  They are about a romantic dream world.  The brand elevates fabric and ceramics and beads into a soaring spirit that touches my need for adventure, artful simplicity, intelligent musings, and authenticity. Continue Reading →

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That’s Gonna Leave a Mark- Brands That Sizzle

No, I’m not talking about your company name.  I’m not talking about your product or the service your health and wellness company offers.  I’m talking BRAND, Baby, BRAND!  I’m talking that skin searing, that’s-gonna-leave-a-mark brand identity that is undeniably, characteristically YOU.  Continue Reading →

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Hello world!

Welcome to the well!  At inkwellness.wordpress.com, we are a circle of people who represent health and wellness products, services, and organizations who seek to communicate with our communities in more concise ways.  Be it the web, blogs, emails, print brochures or educational materials, we strive to reach deep into the well and discover opportunities to more effectively share the myriad of benefits we have to offer.  We recognize that writing is one of the most valuable and concise tools to carry our messages, our philosophies, and our ideas to the people who need them the most.

Here we will share ideas for cost-effective connections, considerations for communicating your brand’s core identity, drawing from your own circle, clear and effective written communication, and more.  Health and Wellness differs from many other brands and companies because we seek to offer what is good and true to better the lives of the individuals we are fortunate to serve.  Authenticity is key.  A mission is essential.  So is honesty, integrity, and vision. 

We’re looking for castle-builders.  We’re looking for quixotic ideas.  We are looking for health and wellness professionals who bring the unique individuals they are to the brands and services they promote, and who have a desire to learn how to connect through language.

Looking forward to many a lively conversation with all of you! Write on!

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