No Small Change…What do you want to change about your health and wellness industry?

What do you want to change about the health and wellness industry?  With your product and/or services, do you want to change the way caregivers deliver care?  Do you make assistive technology simple?  Do you modify Bikram Yoga to accommodate people with disabilities? Do you make junk food healthy?   Do you make grab bars look attractive?  How does your company do it differently?  How does your company take a different approach?  How does your company address the question, or even change the question all together?

Your marketing material, web content, blog, newsletters should all reflect the changes your company introduces to the health and wellness industry.  Write an article about how your company has taken on the industry norm.  Write a newsletter aimed at a different group of individuals.  Write a blog that takes a different slant.  Think about it.  Communicate it.  Be a trend setter.  Take the assumptions and turn them on their ear.  Look at your product and think of it differently.  Brainstorm it.  Make a change and make your written communication announce it to the world.


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