Most People Don’t Matter

“Most people work hard to fit in, so others don’t notice them.

Most people like eating at places where they’ve eaten before.

Most people would like the world to stay as it is, but calmer.

Most people are afraid.

Most people didn’t use Google until last year.

Most people aren’t curious.

You’re not most people.”

“…You’re not the target market for most marketers, and you’re certainly not a manager (but a leader).

You’re not going to be able to grow your career or your business or feed the tribe by going after most people.  Most people are really good at ignoring new trends or great employees or big ideas.

You can worry about most people all day, but I promise you that they’re not worried about you.  They can’t hear you, regardless of how hard you yell.”  -Seth Godin, Tribes.  We Need You to Lead Us.

This is the first time I have copied one post between Ink Wellness and my personal blog.  I think it has ramifications both personally and professionally. Ahh, written documentation that reflects my journey toward decompartmentalization.  Work, family, personal interest, etc.. work most effectively if there is some kind of blend, some shared value system.

How are you communicating with the tribe you are working hard to build?  Your tribe not only includes your customers, but your employees, your collegues, and anyone else who believes in what your are doing.  Do you include them in your thoughts?  Your goals?  Your plans? Better yet, are you including their thoughts, goals, plans?  How can you better communicate your desire to not be like “most people”, aka most companies, most health and wellness providers?


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