Knowth Thine Purpose…Writing with Intent

Health and wellness writing needs to touch people, move people, connect.  That should be your intent.  Not selling more SKUs.  Not bumping up you net, net this quarter.  Because, although we all could use more pocket change, if you go at your health and wellness writing projects with that sole intent in mind, I can’t say you won’t be successful because I’m sure many a healthcare business is, but you will be missing out on an opportunity to build a lasting tribe.  Missing an opportunity to promote the health and wellness of yourself, your company, your clients, and the greater community.  And, I believe that if your company focuses on communicating an a true sense of health and wellbeing, the clients will come.

So, what is your intent?  I asked the question earlier:  What do you wish to change about your industry?  If you haven’t already done so, think about that for a while.  Then ask yourself, “How do I intend to do it?”  One senior moving company may have the intent to go into seniors home and help them clear out years worth of stuff.  That’s their intent.  Yet, another senior moving company goes into seniors’ homes with the intent of helping them preserve the memories and sentiments they hold dear while, yes, still moving clutter out.  See the difference?

How would each of these two senior moving companies written marketing material, articles, internal documents, websites, etc differ?  Perhaps the first focuses on efficiency and organization.  While maybe the other focuses on dignity, preservation, and valuing the important things in life and ridding yourself of the rest.  Both companies may be successful.  But each will attract a different kind of client and build a different sort of tribe.

Do this not only for your own company but, for your competitors as well.  Compare their written material against yours and ask the question of them, “What is their intent?”  How does yours differ?  How does it stand out?  What kinds of people will their written message attract versus what kinds of people will be attracted to yours?

As always, I am curious to hear your feedback.  Any revelations?  Any examples of written work that reflects a different sort of intent?

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