Internal Communications…For the Health of Your Company

“We just hired an internal communications specialist,” my friend shared with me about the  business for which she works.  I nodded, envisioning a specialist who…what?  “She does newsletters, blog posts, document releases.”  Huh?  I thought.  This “internal communications specialist”, I thought, she’s a writer. 

To be fair, she probably is a writer who has found her niche.  She has worked within companies understanding the needs of employees and management, the opportunities for communication as well as the gaps, and has an arsenal of options to offer her clients.  She is, no doubt, a specialist.  Her job description, though focused on writing, includes consulting to executives, measuring her impact, and incorporating trends.

But it got me thinking, how many of us could specialize in internal communications?  How many writers have written internal newsletters, penned speeches, posted on blogs, written articles or documents that describe the goals, actions, and workings of the company’s corporate organization.  Many, I’m sure.  And, more importantly to you, how many of you could beef up your communication within your organization?  Have you ever composed a memo with little more consideration than to get the quick message out?  Could you have reframed the memo as an opportunity to connect with your employees?

It’s invaluable to the health of your company to share knowledge with your employees, to empower them, to involve them in the working and the goals for the organization for which they are a part.  But how many health and wellness professionals take the time to consider this?  Don’t we most often focus on communicating with our customers?  Is there room for you to consider increasing the amount of internal communication within your company?  Improving the quality?  Becoming more authentic in truly connecting with the people in your organization?  Would it prevent tension?  Would it promote a cohesive environment?  Would it make your health and wellness company a healthier organization and a happier place to be?

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