Stacy Baca

Consumer Health and Medical Writer

Occupational Therapist

INK WELLness Health and Medical Writing

As a consumer medical writer, I want to be an animating force behind your publication.  My goal is to enliven your brand’s essence, intensify your message, and make your life easier.  My healthcare experience in occupational therapy and personal wellness study, management/marketing positions, education, and well-received publishing credits translates into brisk copy that connects to your audience.

How my health care experience optimizes your health communications:

  • Translates disease and dysfunction into functional, meaningful, understandable knowledge
  • Communicates all aspects of a person’s holistic health to a wide variety of professionals, payors, families, and corporate entities in clear, logical language
  • Understands the patient’s needs, abilities, motivation, and goals through my experience tailoring treatment, education, and communications to specific individuals and/or groups
  • Engages the patient, their family, and other health providers in the best plan to health
  • Challenges staff and hospital professionals to deliver the highest quality care by writing programs for their own development and education
  • Knows the story statistics and outcomes tell and how to translate numbers into achievable patient, program, and financial goals

I’ve always had a fervor for writing,  learning, and health.  I’m drawn to building connections with others and learning their stories.  During my career as a treating occupational therapist and rehabilitation director, I discovered my knack for helping individuals identify their strengths and build toward their vision.  I built on their personal stories and dreams and ushered them to attainment.

Mid health care career, I reconnected with my own dreams of writing and began my journey of learning, sharing, and putting my words out there.   I pursued medical writing, research, health literacy, health communications, and social media education.  The results are ongoing, as I coninue to build on my expertise and keep pace with the ever-changing landscape. Life-long learning is an integral part of my person and my company.

INK WELLness is the marriage of my passions.  INK WELLness combines writing, health, connecting with people, business, growth, learning and sharing.  It’s an integral part of my life, one that fits with family, well-being, and my personal/professional goals.

The result?   My skills lead you to better business resulting from lean, targeted health communications.

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Healthcare Experience

Occupational Therapist:  Registered and licensed since 1992.  Practiced in research hospitals, community re-entry, sub-acute rehabilitation, and not-for-profit.

Treatment Populations:

  • Brain and Spinal Cord Injury
  • Neurology
  • Sensory Integration
  • Geriatrics
  • Assistive Technology
  • General

Professional Roles:

  • Treatment
  • Business Management
  • Leadership
  • Program Development
  • Consultation
  • Education
  • Marketing

Professional Interests and Associations:

  • AMWA (American Medical Writers Association)
  • Cobb Social Media Group
  • Atlanta WordPress/Bloggers
  • National Aging in Place
  • Social Entrepreneurs
  • Local, Sustainable Nutrition
  • Voluntary Simplicity
  • Women’s Health