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INK WELLness is a health communication company that specializes in optimizing written content across all mediums of print, web, social, and internal business.  Our hands-on patient care experience paired with vivid, succinct writing sets us apart.

The Future…

Providers are seeking to engage patients.  Consumers are taking charge of their own health education and options.  Health marketing is building dedicated followers.   Companies are identifying the value of employee wellness.  Individuals are demanding understandable, accessible communication.  Health information once held by a small few is now at our fingertips.


Every reason to stay true to a steadfast focus on concise, reliable, distinctive writing.  It is INK WELLness’s responsibility to communicate well-researched information.  Our obligation is not only to our clients, but to the consumers who ultimately receive health information.  We understand the impact of  health communications.  INK WELLness pairs thorough research with our vast resource of health professionals available for consultation on various projects.  INK WELLness integrates a variety of professional assets to provide a superior end product.

Our Spirit…

INK WELLness combines hands-on health care experience, concise writing abilities, a thriving professional community, and artistry to help you resonate with your readers, achieve your company’s communication goals, and build your community as well as your business.

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