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Welcome to the well!  At inkwellness.wordpress.com, we are a circle of people who represent health and wellness products, services, and organizations who seek to communicate with our communities in more concise ways.  Be it the web, blogs, emails, print brochures or educational materials, we strive to reach deep into the well and discover opportunities to more effectively share the myriad of benefits we have to offer.  We recognize that writing is one of the most valuable and concise tools to carry our messages, our philosophies, and our ideas to the people who need them the most.

Here we will share ideas for cost-effective connections, considerations for communicating your brand’s core identity, drawing from your own circle, clear and effective written communication, and more.  Health and Wellness differs from many other brands and companies because we seek to offer what is good and true to better the lives of the individuals we are fortunate to serve.  Authenticity is key.  A mission is essential.  So is honesty, integrity, and vision. 

We’re looking for castle-builders.  We’re looking for quixotic ideas.  We are looking for health and wellness professionals who bring the unique individuals they are to the brands and services they promote, and who have a desire to learn how to connect through language.

Looking forward to many a lively conversation with all of you! Write on!

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