Have These 2 Free Resources to Understanding What’s Relevant to Your Health Audience?


In case you haven’t heard, the phrase “Content is King,” is gone like most of Downton Abbey’s gentry estates. The new ruler? “Relevant Content is King!”

Oh, boy. What’s this? Well, relevant content is information that your audience craves. Not such a new monarchy, is it? We’ve been shouting, “Know your audience!” from the turrets for quite awhile. But, how do you know what your health audience needs, wants, or can’t live without?

Well, there are many strategies available to content strategists and writers. Much of content marketing involves research  and trials. For example, you may research key phrases relevant to your audience and then test those phrases with different email marketing campaigns or statistics on website conversion rates.

Along with these kinds of strategies, I’ve found a couple of nice resources that might launch you straight into a solid base for connecting with what your health communications audience wants. You’ll love them especially if you don’t have access to a big marketing research department.

1. Check out Google Webmasters Identify Your Audience. It’s a quick reference with a fantastic tool to truly understand your audience before you create another word of irrelevant content.

2. Compare what you know with the CDC’s Gateway to Targeted Audiences. It’s an awesome, free breakdown of common health consumer audiences your healthcare business may be seeking to engage.

Share with us any insights you may have discovered about your intended audience and how you plan to engage them further in the future.

Oh, yeah. And if you’d like further guidance about how to understand your audience and construct relevant content for your organization’s health communications, you know who to call.

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