Forcing This to be All About You?


I love Paper Whites. I’m not sure what it says about me, but this time of year few things bring me joy like seeing succulent green Narcissus leaves taking their unlikely place amidst patches of melting snow. It seems, fittingly, that  little flower is all about itself and what it came here to do, no matter what it’s immediate surrounding or climate. It’s gonna bloom, damn it. I kinda like it’s moxie.

But when does Narcissus’ moxie cross into narcissism? When does being brand-focused or driven turn into being brand-centered? 

For brands, it’s when we spend too much time telling our audience what we want to tell them, the points we want to force, as opposed to sharing with our audience what they crave to learn, understand, or know.

So many brands still, even now when User Experience is a part of our every day vernacular, focus on themselves and themselves only:

  • My awards
  • My experts
  • My experience
  • My connections
  • My value
  • ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME, ME….

Take healthcare, as an example (since, eh hem, this is MY area of expertise!). Healthcare organizations are so used to boasting medical terminology with Latin roots, physicians with letter upon letter after their names, institutes and organizations that politically satisfy all of the powers-that-be, and acronyms that mean nothing more to the average (not to insinuate that you aren’t special!) person.

What do our healthcare consumers want? Simple language. Information that is actually informative. Easy to find resources. They want to know you can give them this and you can help them. The end.

So the next time you use first person pronouns in your healthcare communications, switch it around. Use sentences that use “You” instead of “I” or “We.” Take the focus off yourself, your strengths will come through, if you share with your audience, not tell your audience. To know the difference might take a little self-examination, but feel confident that you can look at your brand’s reflection without staring at it too, too long.

Want to know more about communications that focus on your user’s exerpience? Contact INK WELLness. 

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