Everybody Toots

Women do it just as much as men.  Everybody does it several times a day.  We all feel better after we toot…our own horns, that is.  We feel like we’re floating when we report our soaring sales numbers.  We practically whistle from every orifice when we get to tell loved ones of our new promotion and we glow from within with every recognition or accolade.  So why not toot our own horns more often?

“I was thought to be stuck up,” said Bette Davis, ” I wasn’t.  Confidence is and always has been an unforgiveable quality according to the unsure.”  Or something like that.

I learned many lessons in my first year in health care leadership.  Perhaps the biggest was:  communicate, communicate, communicate!

I took much time to praise my staff, support our patients and families, bridge relations between client, corporate and the rest.  But, I didn’t toot my own horn.  And I needed to.  I came to realize that my staff, our patients and our clients needed to know how well I was doing in order to see me as a successful expert.

  •  “I’ve been asked to create a module to replicate our medicare billing model, based on our current success. “
  • “We  have the best quality outcomes out of all of the Southeast Region!”
  • “Manager of the Year.”

We have so many opportunities to do this now a days.  Post a link to your latest article on Linked-in.  Tweet your outcomes.  Drape banners across your office: #1 in patient satisfaction.  Ask your colleague to “put it in writing” that pat on the back via an email to you and cc your boss, your clients, or your staff.  Let everyone know what you’re up to, what has been accomplished, where you’re working hard to go.  Include others who were involved so they can toot!  toot! too.

Still not comfortable with tooting?  Well, hold it in and see where it gets you:  blocked up, miserable, worried you might slip.  And if you hold it in too long, nature has a way of making sure it all comes out, and then, nobody will want to be around, I guarantee.

So, go ahead and toot.  Make a noise! Everyone does from time to time.

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