Every Day Acts of Writing Your Way to A Unique Healthcare Brand

What words below are the most meaningful to you?  Which do you value most?  Write then down.  Throw in a few of your own.

Authenticity                   Humor             Family                      Success          Generosity          Love                Open-mindedness          Courage

Ethics                                 Gratitude        Inspiration            Knowledge     Happiness          Friendship    Adventure                         Wealth

Empathy                            Freedom        Connectedness      Creativity       Growth                Wisdom          Spirituality                       Integrity

Trust                                    Fun                   Honesty                   Fairness           Compassion       Strength        Security                             Consistency

Simplicity                         Tenacity          Responsibility        Balance            Analytical          Intensity       Moderation                     Bounty

Now, select the five that are most meaningful in your life.  Let’s call these your core values.  You probably make decisions every day that are guided by your core values.  Sometimes we abide by them.  Sometimes we deny them.  Either way, they are at our center.

How do you act out your core values through your health and wellness company?  Make a list.  If friendship is one of your core values, do you have a circle of professionals around your company that you know and trust and to whom you can refer?  If growth is a core value, do you provide opportunities for educational opportunities for you clients and employees?

How do you disregard your core values at your health and wellness company? Make a list.  If you value gratitude, do you regularly find ways to thank your clients and those who support your health and wellness business?  If compassion is a core value, do you focus too much on productivity numbers and not the story they tell?

Think about your answers.  And think about how you might not only make some small changes in your company that align with your core values.  Writing is a great place to start.  Going back to friendship as a core value, can you include a “community partners” section on your web page or create educational material for community presentations in conjunction with complimentary health and wellness companies or even your competitors?  In the “about” section of your web page or in your employee manual, can you write out a protocol for a healthy balance program for employees including a  lunch time walking group or publish a newsletter addressing solutions for working parents? Does your marketing collateral talk about your support of local community organizations, if you regularly contribute?

Writing is a fantastic way to communicate your core values, give yourself credit for how you put them into play, and create multiple opportunities to differentiate your brand, connect to a circle of consumers, and make your brand stand for something even deeper than the actual product or service; therefore,  increasing your likelihood of attracting and keeping loyal and new customers. Writing projects take some time and resources in the beginning but, they also endure far past the original “print” date.

Health and Wellness is a unique industry.  People expect expertise but they also want to know that they are dealing with ethical, respectable companies that understand their emotional needs.  You must connect to them and you must do that every day, in every possible way.

Thoughts?  Discoveries?  Questions?

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