CLIO Health Advertising Awards…Print

CLIO Healthcare Awards

If you are not in advertising, you may not have heard of the CLIO awards.  They are pretty much the Oscars for advertising.  The interesting thing for you may be that the CLIOs have created a special division of awards specifically awarding excellence in healthcare advertising.  Hmm.  If that doesn’t tell you something…  I’ve provided the link to the print add award winners.  You may want to scan the others and see what you gather from them.  Any trends?  Give you any ideas?

…and if you still think that effective health and wellness written communication is an afterthought, think again.  Though many of the adds are artistic and graphic, the words they choose are succinct, to the point, strongly convey the message.  And the brand?  Undeniable!  Many of the companies have multiple avenues of delivering their message, one strong message with a few variables, depending on the audience.

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