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Have These 2 Free Resources to Understanding What’s Relevant to Your Health Audience?


In case you haven’t heard, the phrase “Content is King,” is gone like most of Downton Abbey’s gentry estates. The new ruler? “Relevant Content is King!”

Oh, boy. What’s this? Well, relevant content is information that your audience craves. Not such a new monarchy, is it? We’ve been shouting, “Know your audience!” from the turrets for quite awhile. But, how do you know what your health audience needs, wants, or can’t live without? Continue Reading →

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Wrestling with Getting Your Brand’s Story Out of Your Damn Head and Into Your Audience’s Heart?

You sit stuck in one of two groups initially:

1.) You either have no idea what your brand story is, besides some seemingly unrelated fragments of experiences, events, and ideas that clash inside your brain and bubble up at random while singing along with Drake on SNL (you DO know who DRAKE is, don’t you?).

2.) Or you are crystal clear on every last conversation, thought, aha moment, and event in your brand’s history as well as those of your 62 year old parrot and your manicurist, and you wish, oh how you wish!, you had more time and space to spew every last drop to anyone who will listen (or appear to).

brand storytelling

Brand story all tangled up?

Both are equally difficult to overcome and equally ineffective when trying to connect with your health organization’s audience. Continue Reading →

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These 5 Elements Will Change Your Storytelling from Stagnant to Soaring

How do you tell a great story? One in which your audience can see themselves. One that evokes emotion in your readers. One that people will not just remember, but share. One that inspires your ideal customer to return to you again and again.

Essential Components to a Story that Soars Beyond Your Audience's Expectations

Essential Components to a Story that Soars Beyond Your Audience’s Expectations

Storytelling is an essential health marketing tool. Didn’t sign up to win a Pulitzer in literature? Fret not. Employee these 5 storytelling elements in your health brand’s story:

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Do You Know Who You Are? Articulate Your Brand Identity.

It’s a tough thing to do to distill all that you are and all that your business does into just a few simple words, an identifiable image, one solid concept that your customers can expect time and time again.

But it’s absolutely necessary and it’s called your brand identity.

And, if you don’t know what your brand identity is yet, your not alone, but you need to know how to define your brand identity now. So let’s get busy.

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International Publications

International.  Amoena Life.  Pilates

Print Article. Australia. Breast cancer recurrence and exercise.

Read or Download: Pilates, International.  Amoena Life Magazine.

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Web Content

The Breast Care Site: Voluntary Simplicity

Web Article. Stress, simple life-style and the relation to breast cancer.

The Breast Care Site: Picnic Perfect

Summer nutrition

Read or Download: Breast Care Site.  Voluntary Simplicity.

Read or Download:  Breast Care Site.  Picnic Perfect Health.


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Engage Ink Wellness to Create and Optimize Your Health Communications

Health is in our hands.  Patients are not static recipients of care; they are active, informed, resourceful consumers who rigorously seek medical information and health education.  They compare products.  They investigate providers.  They study health brands, services, and trends.

INK WELLness recognizes the responsibility health brands and providers share to provide concise, engaging health communication with consumers, with industry, within your organization. Animate your message.  Activate your audience.  Engage your patients.  Do it through medical writing that resonates with your followers.

Learn to optimize your own Health Communications.

Authenticity is key.  A mission is essential.  So is honesty, integrity, and vision.   Learn to utilize web, digital, social, and print mediums to call your audience to action and establish your organization as a thought leader in the industry.

At INK WELLness, we share ideas for:

  • Cost-effective connections through web and social media
  • Considerations for communicating your brand’s core identity
  • Building a circle of influence and a tribe of followers
  • Writing strategies for clear and effective health communication
  • Health education and accessibility
  • Marketing in motion
  • Revenue expansion
  • Thinking like a writer and using what you’ve got

Build a Community. Continue Reading →

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Health Social Media

An interesting question.  Should health care companies target symptoms posted on social media or is it an invasion of privacy?  Thoughts on the new strategy and digital company, Sickweather.

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Health Information on the Net, a HON of a certification!

If you provide health information to consumers on the web, this FREE certification is a fabulous way to ensure your readers that your information is reliable, that you are a trustworthy expert, and that you care to ensure credibility.  Check out HON certification, it’s fast, easy, free.

Health on the Net Foundation Code of Conduct aims to provide a certification process for web developers/websites to ensure credible
and reliable health information to readers.

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Everybody Toots

Women do it just as much as men.  Everybody does it several times a day.  We all feel better after we toot…our own horns, that is.  We feel like we’re floating when we report our soaring sales numbers.  We practically whistle from every orifice when we get to tell loved ones of our new promotion and we glow from within with every recognition or accolade.  So why not toot our own horns more often? Continue Reading →

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