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6 Insights From Work on a Large Health Network Project

Huge Healthcare Organizations Face the Same Content Challenges as We All Do.

Insights from the Big Guys

Insights from the Big Guys

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Checked these 3 Mobile Friendly Boxes on Your Health Website?

mobile_cropped_ThinkstockPhotos-478607105I should have known it was way too easy when I plugged in WPtouch to mobile optimize INK WELLness this weekend…way too easy. I had a sneaking suspicion I was missing something, or maybe even a few things.

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Forcing This to be All About You?


I love Paper Whites. I’m not sure what it says about me, but this time of year few things bring me joy like seeing succulent green Narcissus leaves taking their unlikely place amidst patches of melting snow. It seems, fittingly, that  little flower is all about itself and what it came here to do, no matter what it’s immediate surrounding or climate. It’s gonna bloom, damn it. I kinda like it’s moxie.

But when does Narcissus’ moxie cross into narcissism? When does being brand-focused or driven turn into being brand-centered? 
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Have These 2 Free Resources to Understanding What’s Relevant to Your Health Audience?


In case you haven’t heard, the phrase “Content is King,” is gone like most of Downton Abbey’s gentry estates. The new ruler? “Relevant Content is King!”

Oh, boy. What’s this? Well, relevant content is information that your audience craves. Not such a new monarchy, is it? We’ve been shouting, “Know your audience!” from the turrets for quite awhile. But, how do you know what your health audience needs, wants, or can’t live without? Continue Reading →

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Wrestling with Getting Your Brand’s Story Out of Your Damn Head and Into Your Audience’s Heart?

You sit stuck in one of two groups initially:

1.) You either have no idea what your brand story is, besides some seemingly unrelated fragments of experiences, events, and ideas that clash inside your brain and bubble up at random while singing along with Drake on SNL (you DO know who DRAKE is, don’t you?).

2.) Or you are crystal clear on every last conversation, thought, aha moment, and event in your brand’s history as well as those of your 62 year old parrot and your manicurist, and you wish, oh how you wish!, you had more time and space to spew every last drop to anyone who will listen (or appear to).

brand storytelling

Brand story all tangled up?

Both are equally difficult to overcome and equally ineffective when trying to connect with your health organization’s audience. Continue Reading →

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These 5 Elements Will Change Your Storytelling from Stagnant to Soaring

How do you tell a great story? One in which your audience can see themselves. One that evokes emotion in your readers. One that people will not just remember, but share. One that inspires your ideal customer to return to you again and again.

Essential Components to a Story that Soars Beyond Your Audience's Expectations

Essential Components to a Story that Soars Beyond Your Audience’s Expectations

Storytelling is an essential health marketing tool. Didn’t sign up to win a Pulitzer in literature? Fret not. Employee these 5 storytelling elements in your health brand’s story:

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4 Ways to Use Storytelling to Engage Your Audience

Storytelling is how smart health brands are emotionally engaging their audience.

Our minds respond to and retain stories far better than it does facts. Why? Stories are logical and sequential. Stories strike an emotional cord. Stories group information into a framework for sharing and discussion. Audiences are more open to being told a story than to being “marketed to.”

Storytelling: A Smart Health Communication Tool

Storytelling: A Smart Health Communication Tool

Storytelling ain’t just for bedtime anymore. Continue Reading →

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4 Things Chipotle Can Teach You About The Heart of Your Most Loyal Customers

Connecting to Your Core

Chipotle Author Series Appeals to the Minds of Their Loyal Customers

Food, Film, and Literature. The latter two may not be what automatically comes to mind when you think of Chipotle. Sustainable, local, fresh, good-value, fast, delicious might be better descriptors.

So why has founder and CEO, Steve Ells, been spotted featuring “artsy” shorts such as the Chipotle’s original web series, Farmed and Dangerous, and most recently, an author series on it’s beverage cups from authors that are no lightweights such as: Nobel Prize in literature winner, Toni Morrison; brash comedienne, Sara Sylverman; and fast, edgy fiction writer of Money Ball, Michael Lewis?

Because Steve Ells totally gets Chipotle’s loyal customers…and he’s hoping to gain more by moving past the gut and into the hearts and minds of his customers.

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Do You Know Who You Are? Articulate Your Brand Identity.

It’s a tough thing to do to distill all that you are and all that your business does into just a few simple words, an identifiable image, one solid concept that your customers can expect time and time again.

But it’s absolutely necessary and it’s called your brand identity.

And, if you don’t know what your brand identity is yet, your not alone, but you need to know how to define your brand identity now. So let’s get busy.

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Print Article. Australia. Breast cancer recurrence and exercise.

Read or Download: Pilates, International.  Amoena Life Magazine.

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