Anthropological Excavation. Digging Your Personal and Health and Wellness Brand.

I love Anthropologie…the store, not neccessarily the science.  If you haven’t shopped there, you might want to briefly visit their site or pick up their catalogue to see what it is I drool over.  Okay, drool may be too weak a word, I mean when I get that catalogue in the mail, I pop my fat fanny on the nearest stoop and page through it over and over again.  You must be really lonely, you must be thinking of me.  You need a hobby, you no doubt judge.  But this brand affects me.  Why?  Because, though I adore (j’adore!) the clothing, I love the linens, I can hear the tea cups clinking on their delicate little saucers, Anthropologie is NOT about their products.  They are about a romantic dream world.  The brand elevates fabric and ceramics and beads into a soaring spirit that touches my need for adventure, artful simplicity, intelligent musings, and authenticity.

anthropology: defined by American anthropologist, Edward B. Tylor,  is “culture, or civilization, taken in its broad, ethnographic sense is that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom, and any other capabilities, and habits acquired by man as a member of society.”  defined by Volksgeist as, “the spirit of a people.”

Damn.  Right there smack dab in the middle of a suburban shopping mall!

Why am I rambling about flouncy skirts photographed amongst the palms of Bali and killer shoes skipping along the cobblestoned hills of Prague Castle?  Because the idea corresponds to what we last discussed, developing a personal brand and applying it to your health and wellness company.

Like I mentioned last time, Did you chose a company whose brand resonates with you?  Hopefully you chose 2 or 3, not neccessarily in the healthcare or wellness industry.  Write the names down, giving each  its own page, and list all of the things you like about the brands.  Visit their websites.  View their commercials, their packaging, their location on the shelves or in the community, hum their jingles.  And, just start writing!  List everything, every word comes to mind when you think of that brand.  For me and Anthropologie, I think of:  Europe, exotic travel, an artful life,high art,low art, music, adventure, fairytales, whimsy, intellect, artful simplicity, unique expression, culture, ever-changing, escape from reality, etc.  Have fun with this.  Write furiously!  Write everything that comes to mind from the super insightful to the silly and beyond.  FILL EACH PAGE!

Ahh….now tip back in your chair, pour yourself a drink and read your lists.  Keep and clean sheet of paper next to you and think about how each word you wrote expresses something about you.  Write it down on your new, fresh sheet.  If you wrote words like “leader, powerful, strong” perhaps you can write that you are a leader, that you are a strong person who has made something from very little, that you have overcome obstacles.  When I wrote “Europe, exotic travel, escape from reality” I could write on my fresh sheet that describes me: adventurer, likes a challenge, I am ever changing/challenging myself.”  FILL YOUR NEW, CLEAN PAGE ABOUT PERSONAL CHARACTERISTICS ABOUT YOU THAT ARE REFLECTED THROUGH YOUR CHOSEN BRAND.

You might want to take a little break at this point, or you might feel so exhilerated you want to keep plugging.  Whenever your ready, move to the next step…ask yourself how the words you chose to define personal characteristic can be applied to your health and wellness company.  Do you want your brand to be known as a leader in the industry?  What language is reflected in your print and web copywriting that communicates this idea?  Do you want your brand to be known as one that will venture into new territory?  Then, what words are in your tagline, your print media that communicates this?  If you’re not using language that reflects your personal values and attributes, try brainstorming how you could reflect these values through writing.  You may not use every idea, nor is that appropriate, but you may stumble across one or two that really resonate and enliven your brand.  You may take your brand identity from “good, solid, product” to “powerful force in the industry”.  You decide!

And, by all means, keep digging!  I’d love to hear how this exercise went for you.  Any changes take place?  Any fresh perspectives on personal or company brand?  I’d love examples!


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