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Health is in our hands.  Patients are not static recipients of care; they are active, informed, resourceful consumers who rigorously seek medical information and health education.  They compare products.  They investigate providers.  They study health brands, services, and trends.

INK WELLness recognizes the responsibility health brands and providers share to provide concise, engaging health communication with consumers, with industry, within your organization. Animate your message.  Activate your audience.  Engage your patients.  Do it through medical writing that resonates with your followers.

Learn to optimize your own Health Communications.

Authenticity is key.  A mission is essential.  So is honesty, integrity, and vision.   Learn to utilize web, digital, social, and print mediums to call your audience to action and establish your organization as a thought leader in the industry.

At INK WELLness, we share ideas for:

  • Cost-effective connections through web and social media
  • Considerations for communicating your brand’s core identity
  • Building a circle of influence and a tribe of followers
  • Writing strategies for clear and effective health communication
  • Health education and accessibility
  • Marketing in motion
  • Revenue expansion
  • Thinking like a writer and using what you’ve got

Build a Community.

How do you connect?  We’re looking for castle-builders.  We’re looking for quixotic ideas.  We’re looking for health and medical professionals who bring the unique individuals they are to the brands and services they promote, and who have a desire to learn how to connect through language.  Share comments, links, photos with the INK WELLness community on our blog.

Looking forward to many a lively conversation with all of you! Write on!

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