4 Ways to Use Storytelling to Engage Your Audience

Storytelling is how smart health brands are emotionally engaging their audience.

Our minds respond to and retain stories far better than it does facts. Why? Stories are logical and sequential. Stories strike an emotional cord. Stories group information into a framework for sharing and discussion. Audiences are more open to being told a story than to being “marketed to.”

Storytelling: A Smart Health Communication Tool

Storytelling: A Smart Health Communication Tool

Storytelling ain’t just for bedtime anymore.

How can you use others’ stories to get your readers to take notice, remember, respond, and share?

Here are 4 Ways to start using story telling in your health brand communication NOW:

1. Tell your brand’s story. Who are you? Where did you come from? How did you evolve? How did you define your mission? What was the pivotal time at which your brand clearly knew what it was and what it aimed to do?

2. Tell your customers’ stories. What obstacle were they up against that your brand helped them overcome? How did this change them?

3. Have your customers share their own stories. Create avenues for your customers to respond to the stories you’ve told. Ask questions on social media encouraging them to share how the stories inspire them, changed them, or connected to their own experiences.

4. Tell the story of your products and/services. How did each come about? How did they offer a solution to a problem? How are they being used by real people? How are they evolving and changing?

Here are a few great examples of storytelling in the health field:

Check out GE Focus Short Films/Big Ideas video series

Connect with Kashi’s Brand Story, What We Believe

Read Mayo Clinic’s Patient Stories

So, What’s your story? Share it with us.


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