3 Quick Ways to Get Your Message Across if You Don’t Have Time to Write

I hear this all of the time, “I don’t have time to write!”  I admit, it can be quite time-consuming if you look at writing in its fully developed totality:  web content, original articles, print material, corporate image pieces, blogs, presentation packets, internal communication, and so on.  But, like anything else, the overwhelming end should not stop you from stepping forward toward it.  You may be hearing shouts that the craft of writing is dead!  EE Gads!  I disagree!  It is more important than ever before, its medium and its audience has changed.  So what.  In many ways, the shift has made it easier for “non-writers” to communicate than ever before.  And I hope you jump on board.

3 Ways to Get Your Message Across if You Don’t Have Time to Write

  1. Twitter.  Tweet.  Yes, it takes 10 minutes to set up an account.  You can use your current email address list to invite people to follow you.  When that great idea, or that profound thought, or that magazine article you’ve read has got you thinking, or you event calendar crosses your mind while in line at Subway for lunch, grab your hand-held and tweet it.  One or two sentences, please.  Something meaningful, fresh, inspired, please.  Not, “I like extra banana peppers on my BMT.”  More like, “How does the new mammogram research affects our industry?  Join us at Thursday’s lunch and learn at Seattle Women’s Health Forum” and don’t forget to provide the link.  30 seconds and you’ll probably be done before they slap mustard on your BMT.
  2. Blogs.  Again, quick set up.  Start simple and build on it.  Take extra time to really tell about yourself and your company. Think about your tone, your brand.  Think about what this blog will communicate specifically.  A blog is not intended to be all things to all people, nor does it have to communicate all aspects of your company.  Start with the area that you feel is most important to communicate, perhaps a blog about the direction your company is growing with an intended audience of affiliates.  Or an educational blog for your consumers.  Every blogger has its favorite blog host.  Popular are wordpress.com and blogspot.com but, there are many others.  10-15 minutes a couple to a few times a week, and you’ll have a great body of writing in no time.  You can use these posts to springboard and deepen for original articles, presentations, etc.
  3. Internal communication.  A quick email blast, maybe weekly to wrap up the week’s events.  Maybe a paragraph about the direction of the company or the challenges ahead.  A call to action.  A bit of inspiration.  A note of thanks.  Speak to your employees.  Listen to their responses.  They need to be your biggest fans.  They are a powerful resource at your fingertips. Don’t overlook them.  Your passion, their passion about your health and wellness business can spread like wildfire!

Start with one of these and an amazing thing happens….you start to think like a writer!  You start to recognize your thoughts, your interactions, your intentions as opportunities to share.  And, you’ll find, you won’t be at a loss for material.  Start now.

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